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Draft Date: ALL DATES
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NameDescriptionTypeScoringDraftDraft DateMembers
NFL Theme Fantasy League
IDP DynastyPublicH2HLive8/1/14 10AM ET1 of 12Join
I will Drink to That
If you're not drinking, you're not tryingPublicH2HLive8/1/14 1PM ET10 of 12Join
Anyone can joinPublicH2HLive8/1/14 7PM ET3 of 12Join
you know me
lets get football wastedPublicH2HLive8/1/14 10AM ET5 of 12Join
Boom power
All about footballPublicH2HLive8/1/14 10PM ET2 of 12Join
Playing for fun 2014 4
Any skill levels welcomePublicH2HLive8/2/14 5:30PM ET4 of 12Join
Just for funPublicH2HLive8/2/14 1:45PM ET11 of 12Join
Hawgs And Dawgs
When Ice Cream Meets FootballPublicH2HLive8/2/14 10PM ET1 of 12Join
I dare Ya To beat me
For those who think they are goodPublicH2HLive8/2/14 10:45AM ET2 of 12Join
Beast Mode Fan Club
joinPublicH2HLive8/3/14 3:15PM ET2 of 12Join
seattle fans
go seahawksPublicH2HLive8/4/14 10PM ET2 of 12Join
Pray for Mojo
Close the Border NowPublicH2HLive8/5/14 1PM ET5 of 12Join
Fantasy Geeks League
Hump Day Live Draft- FF Geeks OnlyPublicH2HLive8/6/14 2:30PM ET2 of 12Join
GCC LeaguePublicH2HLive8/8/14 4PM ET5 of 12Join
OE Diversion
FootballPublicH2HLive8/9/14 10PM ET2 of 12Join
The Opie And Anthony Show League
Team Names must be O&A referencesPublicH2HLive8/10/14 8:30PM ET5 of 12Join
SJ Taco Shop League
SJ Taco Shop LeaguePublicH2HLive8/10/14 8:30PM ET5 of 12Join
Early Church Father
Uncircumsized Philistines Not AllowedPublicH2HLive8/11/14 12:15PM ET7 of 12Join
Going to the Dogs
An escape from the Honey-Do'sPublicH2HLive8/12/14 10PM ET2 of 12Join
ms sucks
people affected by ms PublicH2HLive8/14/14 8:30PM ET5 of 12Join
anyone welcomePublicH2HLive8/15/14 12:15PM ET5 of 12Join
PA Smashers
Big HitsPublicH2HLive8/15/14 10AM ET3 of 12Join
Indiana Fans
Fans of any Indiana team pro, college or highschoolPublicH2HLive8/16/14 10:45AM ET7 of 12Join
Reg DeVone Football League
Compete Hard & Have FunPublicH2HLive8/16/14 7PM ET1 of 12Join
this is for all the owners STILL looking for there 1stPublicH2HLive8/16/14 10:45AM ET3 of 12Join
Browns Fans of West Virginia
DIE HARD FANSPublicH2HLive8/16/14 4PM ET7 of 12Join
West Coast Christian League
grid-iron fellowshipPublicH2HLive8/16/14 9:15PM ET1 of 12Join
dazza nfluk conference
open to anyone but preferrably from the ukePublicH2HLive8/17/14 3:15PM ET9 of 12Join
Barboursville Church of Christ
Bville PublicH2HLive8/17/14 1PM ET5 of 12Join
Browner Island
LeggoPublicH2HLive8/17/14 10AM ET4 of 12Join